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The content of this website was obtained by volunteer advocate Steve Kanstoroom. In addition to SaveSandySpring.org, Mr. Kanstoroom has long history of volunteering his time advocating for legislative change on behalf of victims of domestic violence, wildlife and the environment.

Most recently, Mr. Kanstoroom has focused his energies on helping victims of catastrophic loss and FEMA obtain the insurance proceeds and Federal Disaster Benefits for which they were wrongly denied.

Click here to see references prepared in response to a request from the Library of Congress.

Click here to see testimonials about, and references to, Mr. Kanstoroom’s recent volunteer activities.


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SaveSandySpring.org is not affiliated in any way with any government agency. This site is intended to help victims receive equal treatment under the law and obtain justice in the event they are mistreated.
SaveSandySpring.org is an informational site run by volunteer advocates for some of the most vulnerable people in our society - people at risk of wrongly losing their greatest tangible asset - their family property. Neither SaveSandySpring.org nor the author makes any guarantees concerning the accuracy of the information on this website and assumes no responsibility for any misstatements or factual or legal errors. This website provides no legal advice or representation and should be tested and supplemented by other information. Consult a lawyer for legal advice about your specific problem.

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