Martin Luther King Day Demonstration Tour

Demonstration Tour Begins in Front of the Sandy Spring Slave Museum, 18524 Brooke Road, Sandy Spring, Maryland.

Monday, January 21st at 11:00 a.m.


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Your Neighbors Urgently Need Your Help.

Please Come and Show Your Support.


Come and support the residents as they visit officials at their homes, and say, "Since you won't let us live on our property, we thought perhaps we could live on yours."


Why: Sandy Spring residents are at risk of losing their ancestral homes since local land planners have wrongfully denied the existence of the only ingress/egress to their properties. Consequently they cannot live on the land that their families have for generations - just pay property taxes on them. Elected officials have refused to control their planning agency, just as with Clarksburg.


Fact: The Farm Road that serves twenty properties exists in the chains of title for each of them as either the property's boundary or right-of-way.


Fact: On January 12, 2007, local officials took the position that they need not act when they learn that materially false plans are submitted to the local planning agency.


Fact: The Montgomery County Inspector General has called upon officials, to no avail, to call for an independent investigation into the matters at the core of the Sandy Spring problems.


Fact: The local planning authority, M-NCPPC, has issued addresses as recently as 2002 upon the very road it claims does not exist.


Fact: The M-NCPPC has attempted to misinform the public by stating that the residents are seeking to turn the road into a public road.


Fact: The M-NCPPC has attempted to misinform the public by stating that M-NCPPC cannot issue addresses for the Sandy Spring residents due to a pending lawsuit. The residents seeking addresses have not filed any court action and do not have the means to do so.


Fact: Montgomery County deserves better. Come hear the solutions proposed by the victims to Park and Planning's refusal to act when it receives materially false and misleading documents and steps which the victims have urged our leaders to take.


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Note: Media should gather no later than 10:45 a.m. at the Sandy Spring Slave Museum. Organizers will hand out press packages and direct photographers to the best spots to take photos.

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