12/12/13 No_More

07/16/13 Additional documents uploaded - see last five entries dated 02/08/07 - 05/29/13

06/16/13 9 TV News Reports in 5 weeks - AG Denies shutting down investigation

05/19/13 Farm Road Property Owner Pleads for Help From Officials at Public Event

05/07/13 M-NCPPC refuses to release public record documents

04/19/13 M-NCPPC's lacks written requirements for address issuance

04/02/13 Affidavits attesting to the existence of Farm Road

03/08/13 Video and maps depicting Farm Road

12/31/12 M-NCPPC Objects to copying its public record documents depicting Farm Road.

10/06/11 Consent Order regarding layperson operating as Engineer.

10/08/08 Residents, others clear debris from Farm Road. Nathan Carrick reports.

10/02/08 NAACP to hold press conference and urge legislators to help Farm Road families.

08/27/08 Federal judge won't take action in Farm Road case. Margie Hyslop reports.

06/18/08 Case of lost Sandy Spring road sparks civil rights suit. Margie Hyslop reports.

03/19/08 'Farm Road' plaintiffs win first battle. Margie Hyslop reports.

03/05/08 Planner says condemnation is only solution to ‘Farm Road’

03/05/08 Planners subpoena activist in case over missing road

03/05/08 Activist's Contacts Subpoenaed

02/29/08 Planners subpoena Ashton activist in case over missing road

02/20/08 Farm Road landowners send letter to Leggett seeking help

02/06/08 Email Chain from Planning Agency's General Counsel

02/02/08 200 Acre Approved Land Use Plan Surfaces

01/30/08 Blogs & Letters to the Editor

01/28/08 County Doesn't Recognize Road in Sandy Spring

01/22/08 Residents Take Battle to the Streets

01/22/08 Civil Rights and Wrongs in Montgomery County in 2008

01/21/08 Article, WUSA TV Video and Blog - Sandy Spring Residents Fight to Save Homes

01/21/08 Martin Luther King Day Rally at Slave Museum - Press Release

01/21/08 SaveSandySpring Site Launched

01/11/08 Stranded Residents Struggle to Resolve Land Dispute

01/10/08 Will Sandy Spring Become the Next Clarksburg?

01/09/08 Stranded Residents Struggle to Court to Resolve Land Dispute

01/08/08 No Address, No Options