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Written Requirements for Address Issuance

Does Park and Planning have any rule or regulations regarding to whom it issues addresses or when it takes them away?

No. The sworn testimony of Park and Planning’s now Acting Director, is that they don’t have any written rules or maintain records detailing who granted addresses or deleted them. When asked how their staff knows, Ms. Krasnow responded, “they have long standing policies that their staff has followed for years.” Click here to view federal court transcript.

What has Park and Planning told the Farm Road residents is required to obtain addresses?

First, Mr. Rounds was told he needed to bring a copy of his deed evidencing that it bounded on a road. He did so – click here to read affidavit of Montgomery County Council Legisltaive Aide that accompanied Mr. Rounds.

Second, Mr. Rounds was told that a typographical error on the State Tax Map that resulted in reversing the parcel identifier on his two adjoining parcels must be corrected. Mr. Rounds did so, and the State Department of Planning revised the map and a provided a copy of the same to Park and Planning.

Click here to view the letter from the State Cartographer.

Next, unbeknownst to Mr. Rounds, Park and Planning’s General Counsel’s office, and according to the email chain, the MNCPPC’s General Counsel, contacted the Governor’s Cabinet member – the Secretary of Planning, and prevailed upon him to rescind the corrected tax map. Ten days later, the Maryland Department of Planning rescinded the map correction. Click here to view the email chain.

Click here to view the letter of rescission.

Third, without Park and Planning disclosing their efforts to have the Maryland Department of Planning remove Farm Road from the Tax Map, something for which Park and Planning has no authority, Park and Planning told Mr. Rounds and his neighbors that they could not receive addresses until the Tax Map was corrected. Subsequently, Park and Planning's Chief of Development Review - the group responsible for issuing addresses, provided sworn testimony that she had no knowledge of why the Maryland Department of Planning rescinded the map correction it previouslyu sent to her. Click here to see the excerpt from the sworn testimony.

Most recently, Park and Planning has claimed that they cannot issue addresses unless all neighbors agree that Farm Road exists, notwithstanding it appears as a deed reference in each Farm Road property. The neighbors have provided affidavits as requested. Click here to view them.

Has Park and Planning given any other reasons why the Farm Road property owners cannot have addresses.

Yes. Recently, A National Public Radio reporter stated that Park and Planning’s General Counsel claimed the Farm Road property owner's deeds are "insufficient" because they are "ancient." To the contrary, all deeds are duly recorded among the Montgomery County land records. Each deed relys upon the previous owner's deed as is the case with deeds across the United States.

All deeds are predicated upon the deeds that were granted prior to the existing deed – that is how land title works. All of the Farm Road deeds have metes and bounds (magnetic bearings and distances and references to landmarks, one of the most prominent of which, is Farm Road) and there has never been any contention that the deeds are flawed in any way or written documentation concerning the same.




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